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What You Need to Know About Ice Fishing in Temagami Before You Arrive.

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Ice Fishing in Temagami, Marten River and other area lakes - a great Canadian winter fishing adventure in Northern Ontario Canada

We are getting ready for some great ice fishing. It's that time of year again, when you wake up in the morning and have to scrape the ice off the windows of your vehicle before you drive to work. The weather, at last, is giving anglers a reason to bring out the ice fishing gear and ice fishing huts in our area. A minimum of three and preferably four inches of clear, blue ice is sufficient to support a single angler and five will hold several walking onto a lake in single file. On moving water or areas with springs, ice can be less dependable. Ice conditions in the Temagami and Marten River area are usually good near the end of December through to the 1st of April. Guests are welcome to call anytime for ice conditions.


Scott icefishing caught 4 pound 11 ounce pickerel / walleye                      Kevin fishing caught 14 pound 12 ounce Lake Trout

  Jumping Caribou Lake offer some excellent ice fishing for walleye, northern pike, lake trout and white fish. Mornings and evenings are often the most productive ice fishing times, with slow periods in the middle of the day. For anglers that are interested in remote ice fishing, you must bring your own snowmobile. Ice fishing some of the area lakes in northern Ontario can be a lot of fun and relaxing. December through March, as soon  as the lakes freeze over, fish houses dot the glittering landscape, providing shelter for avid anglers. Heartier fisherpeople can be found on the open ice, their buckets filled with the catch of the day. After a successful day ice fishing Temagami and area lakes for whitefish, pickeral and lake trout in our propane heated ice huts, finish the day with a delicious fish fry and relax in a warm cosy cabin, enjoy the Games Room, Sauna or Hot Tub..

Our ice fishing resort is located just south of Temagami, with our main ice fishing being on Jumping Caribou Lake, one of the best ice fishing lake in the area. Ice Fishing January and February are prime time for fishing Walleye in Temagami lakes, Northerns and Lake Trout during February and March. Pickerel are bountiful as well as lake trout and whitefish in Jumping Caribou lake. We will be more than happy to fulfill your ice fishing needs for the ultimate Ice Fishing adventure, so join us and experience ice fishing the way it was meant to be.

Services we offer with Temagami Ice Fishing:

2017/18  Ice Fishing Packages

Lake Trout, Walleye ( Pickerel ), White Fish, Pike

2 Nights  3 Nights
2 Days fishing 3 Days fishing
310.00 375.00

Plan includes accommodations in fully equipped cottages with electric heat, 4 pc bath, fireplace (except 3 bedroom cottage). Supper on day of arrival, three meals each full day stay, breakfast on day of departure, transportation to and from the heated hut,   and bait as well!   Prices are per  person, based on    2 persons minimum.

After a day of fishing warm up in our 8 person HOT TUB, relax in the SAUNA or watch your favorite game or movie on the BIG SCREEN TV in the Lounge or play on the arcade video games, dart board, or pool table.

Use the high speed internet terminal to send a picture of your catch home or get in touch with your loved ones on MSN.


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Temagami Cottages and Cabins
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temagami ice fishing temagami
temagami ice fishing temagami

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Temagami Ice Fishing
Temagami Ice Fishing
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Once in a Lifetime Ice Fishing Story in Temagami

 Canada ice fishing lodges, resorts, and outfitters guide for a great Canadian winter fishing adventure

Angus Lake Icehut Rentals in Temagami  Experience some great ice fishing on Rabbit Lake in Temagami northeastern Ontario.

TEMAGAMI ICE FISHING  Ice Fishing in Temagami and Accommodations Ontario Canada. - Ice Fishing in Temagami Whatever the skill level, there's an ice fishing getaway for every family member in Ontario's Winter Wonderland. Fishing Accommodations Ontario, Ontario Cottage Rentals & Holiday Vacation Resort - Vacation Temagami - Northeastern Ontario Canada. Family vacation lakeside housekeeping cottages

TEMAGAMI ICE FISH Ice Fishing in Temagami is an experience that is second to none.   -   Let's face it, winter fishermen are a different kind of outdoorsman, many would not give up the sport of ice fishing for any other type. The Temagami region is well know for it's cold, winters so the added comfort of a heated ice hut is welcomed to the ice fisherman. Temagami is a popular destination for winter fishing and Ravenscroft Lodge Cottages offers a great variety of winter fishing opportunities. On a bright, sunny winter's day some guests take their gear to a favorite spot on Angus Lake, set-up and enjoy the days fishing and fresh air.

TEMAGAMI ICE FISHING HUT ON RABBIT LAKE  Ice Fishing in Ontario with Ice Fishing Hut on Rabbit Lake   - Ice fishing From January to March - Temagami lakes are covered with enough ice to support the huge number of people and ice huts that make ice fishing their weekend escape. Ice fishing facilities, ice huts rental and a bait and tackle can be found in Temagami we have one of the largest tackle shop in Temagami Ontario. 

FISHinONTARIO TEMAGAMI ICE FISH  Get Hooked on Ice Fishing in Ontario   - Once again our lakes have frozen over, the boats are away and the augers are out and it's time for some great winter fishing. Ontario has some excellent ice fishing to offer to all of you diehard fishing people who just can't get enough. The object stays the same only the tackle, clothes, and your method of getting to your fishing hole changes 

Andorra Lodge is located on Net lake in Temagami     -  If you’re looking for a great ice fishing getaway you came to the right place Net Lake in Temagami.

Beaverland Ice Fishing    -  Beaverland Camp awaits the winter enthusiast. Whether you enjoy snowmobiling on the groomed OFSA trails or on secondary wilderness trails, snowshoeing, ice fishing, hiking or just relaxing in the cozy rooms, we welcome you to Marten River.

Ice Fishing    -  Ice Fishing In Temagami on Jumping Caribou Lake. Jumping Caribou Cottages If you’re looking for a great ice fishing getaway you came to the right place Jumping Caribou Lake in Temagami.

Temagami Ice Fishing Links     -  Experience winter in one of Northeastern Ontario's finest ice fishing destinations.

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Ice Fishing Temagami    -  I haven’t done any ice fishing in a long time but a meeting with the Minister on Friday and a Stewardship meeting on Monday meant that I had a weekend to spend in Temagami so why not go fishing.

Island Cottage Ice Fishing    -  Ice Fishing at Angus Lake Cottages in Temagami Ontario When the temperature is down the fishing action is up on Temagami Lakes! Ice fishing in northern Ontario is an angler's delight with many opportunities to catch walleye, northern pike and lake trout on the many frozen lakes. Take a winter vacation to northeastern Ontario and discover great ice fishing in January, February and March.

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Northland Paradise Lodge    -  A new feature this winter is our up-to-date snowmobile trail and ice fishing report. Fishing reports will be limited to "what's biting best this week". Ice depths will be posted as received from local anglers. Winter ice fishing starts after mid December and continues into April, depending on dates for freeze-up and ice-out. Lakers, northerns, walleye and whitefish (some up to 5 lbs. or 2 kg.) are common at that time of year. Although not a common winter catch, ling are delicious either right from the frying pan or fresh out of our smoker.

Ravenscroft Lodge Ice Fishing    -  For many Ontario fishermen, the real ice fishing starts when Jumping Caribou Lake freeze over. Ravenscroft Lodge is a favorite destination for ice fishermen. Some of the best walleye, lake trout, white fish and northern pike fishing can be had through the ice.

Lake Temagami Icehut Operators    -  Ontario Ice Fishing Hut Operators in Northeastern Ontario Ice Fishing Lake Temagami


Papa Johns Ice Fishing    -  Papa John's Place & Cottages If you’re looking for a great ice fishing getaway you came to the right place. The best ice fishing in Ontario can be found at Papa John's Place, on Lake Herridge in Temagami, Ontario Canada.


Beaverland Ice Fishing    -  Beaverland Camp awaits the winter enthusiast. Whether you enjoy snowmobiling on the groomed OFSA trails or on secondary wilderness trails, snowshoeing, ice fishing, hiking or just relaxing in the cozy rooms, we welcome you to Marten River.

    -  Ice Fishing Safely

Ice Fishing Safety First


By Joe Ognibene. Mr Ognibene has been covering the Outdoor Scene in his weekly column for 46 years This article was reprinted from one of his recent winter articles. Posted 1/16/2003

During a normal winter, most outdoor columns would be filled with information on the best ice fishing locations and how to take limits of perch and other fish. Not this year. There is very little, if any, safe ice to be found around Western New,, York. If it's ice fishing you want, then northern Canada is the place for you.

Many wintertime fishermen head for Lake Simcoe for perch and a few white fish, but call ahead. So far this year Simcoe has been iffy at best. Considering how the weather has been, going from cold to warm with snow changing to rain a common occurrence, ice conditions change rapidly. If you feel you just have to get out on the ice, there are a few things you want to do to assure you're going to come off the ice safely.

Don't venture out on the ice if no one else has gone before you. Lots of footprints in fresh­ fallen snow on an ice covered lake or pond usually means it's safe to walk Don't you be the first to test the ice to see if it will hold you. Remember, the ice testers are found in the Spring.

If you plan on using a snowmobile to get out to a favorite spot, be absolutely sure the ice is thick enough to support the machine. In Minnesota so far this year, nine snowmobilers have lost their lives because they crashed through what they thought was safe ice. in New York, Lake Oneida leads the list of lakes snowmobiles crashing through with resulting loss of life. Some of the smaller inland lakes -Cayuga, Otisco, Little York and a few others might be safe to fish on, but check first. You can find charts that list safe ice thickness and they are generally right, but don't bet your life on them.

A simple but very effective device that can be made at home could save your life if you happen to break through the ice. I've mentioned it before in columns throughout the years, but it's worth mentioning again. Cut off about six inches from an old broom handle and pound a large nail in one end. Grind the nail to a point. Drill a hole on the other end of the handle to accept a cord that is long enough to run from the end of the handle up your arm, across your shoulders and down the other arm. Thread this through your jacket sleeves and let the ends dangle. If you break through, these devices will let you dig into the ice and pull yourself out. Otherwise, you will not be able to haul yourself out with just your hands on slippery ice. [see diagram below]

There are all kinds of advice given to assure safety on the ice, but the primary rule is to use common sense and let someone else take the chances.

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